Project and Bursary Awards



Broadland, England – Helping Broadland Through the Recession A comprehensive and proactive plan developed and implemented by council to minimize the impact of the current recession.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Festivals and Footpaths A remarkable system of city walkways that facilitates and encourages social interaction and enhances the environment by facilitating reduction in the use of cars.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – One million square meter cleanup A noteworthy project that engages the whole community  to enhance the desert experience and teaches important lessons about environmental responsibility.
Chrudim, Czech Republic - Podhura Recreational Woods An exciting and sustainable way to enhance the recreational and educational use of the local forest in order to protect and enhance what is there.
Lviv, Ukraine - Creative Micro-finance and sustainable community development An ambitious, multi-faceted program. Micro-finance is one way to jump-start a local economy at the grass roots level.
Schwalm-Eder-Kreis, Germany - 100 Regional Steps to Global Climate Protection A comprehensive approach to reducing energy usage by upgrading infrastructure in schools and providing environmental education for the entire community. An exceptional model for other communities to adopt.
Pittsburgh, USA - Schenley Park The transformation of a city parking lot into a beautiful park and vital community gathering space through public/private partnership and vision.
Yokohama, Japan - Koshigawa Lake Town An engineering achievement that integrates rivers and a reservoir to create a safe, secure, and attractive waterside community.
Dalian, China Software Park A software professional’s dream of the ideal place to live and work, where the natural environment enhances the quality of life.
Broadland, England - Eco Community Preparing for Change A master plan developed by the district council for balancing housing and industrial space needs by working with the community to create compatible and sustainable future growth.
Odense, Denmark- Fish Stream Passage Major environmental improvements that accommodate aquatic life and at the same time enhance the interaction of people and the waterfront.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - Plantation and Beautification of Roundabouts Well landscaped highways and city squares enhance the greening experience of Riyadh.
Beijing, China - Hopson No. 8 Royal Park A multi-cultural community modeled after other international major parks with unique Chinese enhancements.
Tulln, Austria - Die Garten Tulln A new Austrian environmental, sustainable, natural demonstration garden that is a leader in creating partnerships with community and industry, dedicated to education, enjoyment, and inspiration.
Wujin, China - Yangcheng Construction Site Restoration and preservation of an ancient Chinese site to create a natural,  cultural and historical preserve.
Changxing, China - Harmonious Dragon Mountain Manor A modern Chinese housing development that incorporates feng shui and contemporary sustainable technologies to offer a high quality of life.
Guangzhou, China - Vanke Dream Town An international  green community that respects the preservation of existing plant materials.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Public Parks and gardens A network of nearly 400 public parks to create community interaction. They offer something for every resident, ranging from playgrounds to planning for the world’s largest botanical garden.

Five projects are in the running for the £10,000 match-funded bursary award to be announced tomorrow (Monday, 12th October). They are;